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Big Stars Shine Green!

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All columns by:Mauricio Jordan
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Super Star Cate Blanchett,and Andrew Upton, Artistic Directors of the Sydney Theater Company,show their contribution to the environment in a big way.They decided to turn their company building into a true solar energy unit.According to a recent web article byGreen Muze,an environmental website,which reports about the most important green innovations around the world.

The celebrity and her companion are dedicated Eco-friendly enthusiasts and undertook a difficult project of turning almost any building(Their Theater)into a self-sustainable edifice.The project consists in "installing more than 1900-plus solar panels that will generate 614,000 kWh of electrical energy annually - equivalent to heating 88 average homes for a year – which also translates into 70% of the theater's energy needs. When the project is complete, the theater will house the second largest capacity rooftop solar energy system in Australia",as described in the Green Muze Blog

They gave a statement to the Press:"Its our hope that Greening The Wharf increases awareness of climate change and demonstrates that there are a wide range of measures that can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint and conserve resources. Since its inception, Sydney Theatre Company’s initiative has already grown and will now, as a result of the support of DECCW, see the rainwater harvesting project and energy efficiency drive implemented not just at Sydney Theater Company but within other companies at the Wharf.”


Besides,the Solar panels on the roof to provide power,The building will be adapted with an efficient rainwater harvesting system for the buildings non-potable uses of water.

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Sports Celebrities News



Brett Favre is a living legend in the history of American Football. At age 40,he never ceases to amaze his loyal fans,and sometimes to anger those who hate his guts,and mostly surprises himself about his ongoing stamina.

"Nineteen NFL seasons have taken their toll, and when he gets out of bed in the morning he feels every one of the hits he's taken. His ankle barks at him as soon as his foot hits the floor, his knees creak as he stands up and his back groans as he stretches to get loosened up for another day as a 40-year-old quarterback."according to a recent article posted on his official website

"There's nothing on me 100 percent," Favre said. "There wasn't anything on me 100 percent last year or the year before. The surgeries, I think, have made me a little better, but I've played 309 straight games, I can't complain." He can't quit, either.
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Product Reviews


IClone 4.31 3D Animation Beginner's Guide
Author: M.D. McCallum
Review by: Mauricio Jordan

I just received a fresh copy off the press(via PDF)of the newest beginners guide for Iclone 4 .31,a 3D Movie making software application,which I previously reviewed in an older post entry.

The new guide is titled IClone 4.31 3D Animation Beginner's Guide,currently on sale at Amazon.

It is a practical guide geared for the beginner user of Iclone 4 that will show and walk the reader in a step-by-step fashion,the simple but slightly intimidating Iclone 4,or 5,real time animation control interface,and to dive with confidence onto the workspace.

With useful screen shots, project assets, challenges, and quizzes to help the reader understand and master these important techniques.

The author,M.D. McCallum,an Iclone Guru himself,and a veteran Content Developer for Iclone(at Reallusion),shares his own Iclone animation techniques through clear graphic illustrations and detailed use of the important tools to design,build and render a complete and professional looking animation in no time.

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Bono Charity



Paul David Hewson,the front man of world famous band U2,mostly known as Bono,is by far the most charity active celebrity in the whole world.

His charisma is renown and he's the recipient of countless peace and humanitarian awards.

He has been listed at the top of Forbes list of most charitable celebrities for many consecutive years. And his readiness to come to the aid of the disadvantage and poor has no limits.

Bonohas created so many humanitarian organizations around the globe like Amnesty International's Conspiracy Of Hope tour alongside Sting, As an ambassador for the United Nations,he has visited the most devastated regions across the continents,and has involved other major celebrities to participate in the most popular fund raising concert events on planet Earth.
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Upcoming movies:2011


These are some of the hottest upcoming movies/DVDs for next year 2011.
Editors Pick:
1.Captain America Major actor(s)-See link for names.
2Green LanternMajor Actor(s)-Blake Lively,Angela Bassett,Tim Robbins.
3.Pirates of The Caribbean 4Major Actor(s)-Johnny Depp,Penelope Cruz.
4.ThorMajor Actor(s)-see link for names.
5.MonstersMajor Actor(s)-Scoot McNair,Whitney Able.
6.Drive Angry 3DMajor Actor(s)(see movie link for cast)
7.Step Up 3DMajor Actor(s)-see link for cast.
8.The Other GuysMajor Actor(s)- see link for cast.
9.Cats and Dogs..Major Actor(s)-see link for cast.
10.SpliceMajorActor(s)-se link for cast. more »


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