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Celebrities Go Green!

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Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio's release of his movie11th Hourputs him at the front line of celebrities who dedicate their time off working to participate in the global effort to save the environment.
His exemplary passion for the well being of our planet has inspired other celebrities like Brad Pitt,who is supporting,with $5 million of his own money, the effort to restore hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans,through the
Other celebrities making in roads are Hilary Duffwho also donated large amounts of money to rebuild New Orleans, Jay-Zwho is the founder of the UN's Water for Life Foundation,an organization that oversees the access to clean water for people around the world,Josh Harnettwho is now working with Global Cool,a charity that is trying to convince 1 billion people around the world to reduce their carbon(CO2)footprint for the next 10 years.more »

Sports Celebrities News


A-Rod.jpgAlex Rodriguez,the NY Yankees third-baseman,and a driving dynamo for this team, keeps scoring high in the striking zone,but in spite of his celebrity status,keeps scoring low in the hearts of his fans.According to a recent online article of NBC Sports by reporter Johnette Howard,his excellent batting keeps getting him better praise from his bosses and team mates,but a less convincing performance to the Yankees followers.more »

Celebrities and Business


Little known by most celebrity fans is that their music,sports or screen stars lead a double-life! And I'm not talking about the juicy scandals for which they are famous for and which keep tabloids earning millions of dollars. I am referring to personally owned business enterprises that they start with funds derived from their high incomes.

Among the many celebrity owned businesses are: McGuire Productions & Pearl Street Productions(Ben Affleck),Flower Films(Drew Barrymore),more »
Upcoming DVDs: Old Dogswith Robin Williams & John Travolta

Al Gore and the Environment


Al Gore

Of all the celebrities involved with the environment,former Vice-President Al Gore,has been at the forefront in the uphill battle to save the world from the looming threat of Global Warming.He has been very active raising awareness around the world about this real catastrophe which is developing from the industrial and technological output of our modern world society.

With a DVD production of hisAn Inconvenient Truth,He hopes to persuade and convince most citizens of this planet to act now when there is still a chance.more »

This is it:The Concert!


The highly anticipated around the world video recordings of the last rehearsals by Michael Jackson,before he died,has been released. The fans will be able to witness the extravaganza of high caliber performances that the late King of Pop was preparing for his 50-date engagement at the O2 Arena,in London.

This "hot" movie produced and filmed by Kenny Ortega will premiere this week,and it's one of the most talked about show biz news around the world.more »


Although slightly delayed to be published,with this third issue of this e-newspaper,I'm posting fresh and hopefully interesting short articles for your reading enjoyment. I am hoping to bring you more diverse and entertaining news and mention to fascinating articles from the internet vast resources of news.more »


More e-mails will be posted here,as I keep receiving them,both from celebrities,and their fans,and or regular readers. more »
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Celebrity Travel

Until recently,London,Turkey,and Dubai have been most American celebrities favorite destinations to travel,or vacation.Dubai recently had an $80 billion deficit,then most celebs switched destinations. Meet Morocco,the newest preferred celebs paradise,according to a recent articleLatest sightings in Marrakesh: Jennifer Aniston,THe Beckhams,Jolie-Pitts,Salma Hayek,Gwyneth Paltrowmore »


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