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Celebrities Go Green!

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Also,many other celebrities,like actor Pierce Brosnan,who is a zealot and active spokesperson for Natural Resources Defense Council campaign against effects of Navy sonar on whales, awarded 1997 Green Cross International Environmental Leadership Award.

There are many other celebrities who deserve credit for their involvement in the "Green Movement",among the most renown ones are: Sir Richard Branson, Cate Blanchett,Cameron Diaz,Gwyneth Paltrow,Harrison Ford,Daryl Hannah,and so many others to name in this column. For a more comprehensive list of green celebrities,check this website:All American Talent & Celebrity Network

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Sports Celebrities News

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Ms Howard writes:"Alex Rodriguez has been dominant in carrying the Yankees to the World Series,but it remains unclear if he will ever win over the hearts of fans." which is a strong statement that could stick in the mind of A-Rod,and probably affect his performance in the game against The Phillies.But,even so, he is riding high on the crest of the wave of popularity which catapulted him to become a hot celebrity with some baggage.

Ms. Howard ventures to compare Alex Rodriguez with Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis ,one of the greatest sports figures of all time,saying:"Thirteen years removed from his last Olympic race, Lewis still gets lampooned on the sports highlight shows now and then for singing a pre-game rendition of the national anthem that — there’s just no nice way to say this — sounded like a cat with its tail stuck beneath a rocking chair.".

Celebrities and Business

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Saturn Films(Nicholas Cage),Justine Bateman Designs(Justine Bateman)Mimi Jane & Panda Production(Mandy Moore),Lucky Charms Entertainment(Rosie O'Donnell),Sweet kisses,Inc. & With You,Inc.(Jessica Simpson),New York eating establishment, Sam's Place & Line Of Perfumes,plus Internet based natural Foods website(Mariel Hemingway),John Stamos Productions & St. Amos Productions(John Stamos)just to mention a few.

Many other celebrity owned business,too numerous to mention here,can be found on this website:Celebrity So as, you can see venerable reader,if you wonder why celebrities almost never answer to your messages,or questions,their busy business lives keep them with hardly any time,or energies to answer to their millions of fans.

Al Gore and the Environment

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Also,in his book Our Choice: A plan to Solve the Climate Crisis,he states that"It is now abundantly clear that we have at our fingertips all of the tools we need to solve the climate crisis. The only missing ingredient is collective will."

Mr. Gore has received many accolades and awards for his efforts and dedication to lead in the difficult and titanic task to turn the tide against worldwide procrastination to act now to begin making effective changes that might help slow down the dangerous process of Global Warming that planet earth has started to go through.

More information about how to act to help the environment is available on his website:Al

This Is It: The Concert!

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The film, which premiered simultaneously in about 17 cities around the world, has had large crowds gathering at he theaters where it opened,that it could be said that the eerily missing audience in the actual film will be fairly complimented.

And,it is expected that the sales of the DVD will generate as many sales as the movie itself does or more.

For a more extended coverage,and exclusive interviews with Kenny Ortega,the fillmaker,and clips of the movie,got to: CNN Entertainment

Editorial Opinion

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As I get more involved with this e-newspaper,I will strive to keep it as informative as well as interesting to read. Which will not be an easy task,as traditionally,internet surfers keep drifting away from new websites until they find something that will catch their attention.And the latter is where I'll try to keep fresh and appealing.

Mauricio Jordan
The Editor.


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Croatia,South Africa,The Caribbean Island of Turks & Caicos(British Virgin Islands)and Kenya,complete the list of exotic destinations that celebrities use to get away from "it all".Every year,celebrities scout new locations to spend their vacations in or to use as movie sets. Some of them,like Oprah,and Bill Gates(Kenya),Janet Jackson,Pierce Brosnan,Drew Barrymore,and,Cameron Diaz(Bora Bora)stay longer than planned,and quite often invest in vacation homes in those countries.So don't be surprised if you "bump" into them at the airports,or resorts.Morroco is still the most popular vacation spot at present.


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Since this e-paper is not a tabloid,I hope celebrities will enjoy reading it and feel encouraged to share their charity,or philanthropy work with their fans. Celebrities,and other readers, will probably be pleasantly surprised that only the positive sides of them will be covered and reported about. Thanks for reading it.