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Twitter Celebs Scare!

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Ever since Twitter has arguably become the favorite hanging place for most celebrities around the world,controversial world leaders,such as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavezwho has seized the opportunity to use this social network to attack his political opponents.His decision to join Twitter came about after his not so gentle ways to bullying or silencing his outspoken critics,who complained The President imposes his daily Socialist speeches on Venezuelan TV and radio stations. Recently,his challengers dared him to try to "shutdown Twitter if he can." His answer was to become another "famous Twitter blogger",with an impressive number of followers.

And famous Peep,Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber was furious about losing all his female followers and tweeted:"So I woke up here in LA and Twitter has been hacked. Turns out I am no longer popular. Hackers, I send a warning... U (sic) have now p**ssed off over two million teenage girls. They are more dangerous than Navy Seals"as reported by SF

Editorial Cartoon

Exclusive,recent NBCWash.interview of myself!

Sports Celebrities News

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first international appearance.But Coach Bradley's dilemma is that he still needs to downsize his team to the mandatory 23 men -roster by the arrival date in South Africa of June 1.

The USA Team will face soccer power house England in a critical match,on June 12, to qualify and move forward to the next rounds.

On a sad news break,25-year old LPGA player Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Henderson,Nevada apartment. Her death was reported by her manager Chase Callahan,as blogged byRightFielders

Argentina's soccer team forward Lionel Messi, had this to say to British celebrity Cheryl Cole:"We play the prettiest football, have the prettiest players, and Argentinian men also know how to treat their women." according to the UK's Blog 3Am Gossip Gone Toxic
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Product Review

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IClone 4 Pro

I received the review download Iclone4 Pro and additional content packs,and in just 2 days I could navigate the relatively easy to learn intuitive and user-friendly(via drag-and-drop action)interface of Iclone 4 Pro. This is indeed a very powerful 3D animation application,and the tons of online tutorials on the Reallusion website,and on Youtube will help any Iclone 4 Standard/Pro user shorten the dreaded learning curve,which makes enthusiasts give up on most other 3d animation applications.

And even better,Iclone 4 Standard or Pro will make you a very impressive pro level video project presenter.Whether you want to create video presentations for school,work,or any business,and even for creating your very own stunning self,or company produced TV Shows,for business,or family fun. And if you don't want to bother creating the sometimes complex 3D models for your personal or business related projects,there are many pre-made free or commercial objects like Google's 3d Warehouse,and some higher quality at TurboSquid.comAs soon as I feel more confident to create my own video demos,you'll be able to see them here(from YouTube)keep tuned!. I highly recommend Iclone4 as your "3D Movie Machine"!My rating for this product: out of five!!

Hollywood's Green Celebs

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Hollywood baby boomer celebrities are now taking the green living towards the ultimate experience: Green Burial. They figure that a proper green burial will be more eco-friendly than traditional burials have been.

Green baby boomers envision their fleshly remains as part of a logical integration with the environment. They oppose the current use of body embalming and preservation as a way of avoiding the chemicals to pollute the ground of their final rest,and favor biodegradable caskets made with natural materials like willow,bamboo,or even paper.And,according to an article,the casket must be buried in land preservation lot,with decomposing remains nurturing trees,shrubs and flowers,becoming part of the environment.The green burial has been a reality in countries like England,where many green burial grounds have been created and used.

And so will Hollywood green celebrities championing their respective green causes.And,living echo-friendly lifestyles to inspire all those who admire and see them as role models. Living,eating,and dying in a green way of life.

Upcoming Movies..

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New DVD Releases 2010:
1.Edge of DarknessMajor Actor(s)-Mel Gibson,Ray Winstone.
2.Daybreakersmajor Actor(s)-Ethan Hawke,Willem Dafoe,Sam Neil.
3.Legionmajor Actor(s)-Dennis Quaid, Paul Bettany.
4.Celine:through the eyes of the Worldmajor Actor(s)-Celine Dion,Rene Angelil.
5.North Face(NorWand)Major Actor(s)-Benno Furman,Florian Lukas.
6.Toy Story 2Major Actor(s)-(see movie link for list of actors)
7.Toy StoryMajor Actor(s)-(see movie link for list of actors)
8.One Deadly SummerMajor Actor(s)-Isabelle Adjani,Alain Souchon,Maria Machado.
9.Sword of Sherwood ForestMajor Actor(s)-Richard Greene,Sarah Branch,Peter Cushing.
10.Tooth FairyMajor Actor(s)-Dwayne Johnson,Ashley Judd,Julie Andrwes,Billy Crystal.

Editorial Opinion

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As I get more involved with this e-newspaper,I will strive to keep it as informative as well as interesting to read. Which will not be an easy task,as traditionally,internet surfers keep drifting away from new websites until they find something that will catch their attention.And the latter is where I'll try to keep fresh and appealing.

Mauricio Jordan
The Editor.


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And here are some of the first e-mails(or tweets from Twitter):
"..congrats and good luck on the launching of your e-paper.." by:@zipotedude-sent via Twitter,Aug,29
"I read the pre-launch preview,and it looks entertaining..kudos" by: @OilTycoon2(Twitter)sent via: email,Aug.30.
"felicidades , el mejor de los éxitos!-by@crystalcancun-via Twitter,Sept.1.
"Dear Mauricio, Congratulations on launching your newspaper. I wish you the best of luck with your new Web site! All the best, Tom -- Thomas Kaplan Editor in Chief Yale Daily News"-via e-mail,Sept.2.
"Good luck with the e-newspaper!"Dan Myers-via email,Sept.3.-

Celebrities Getaways

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ActorGeorge Clooney owns a home in Lake Como. The lake is one of the most historic and romantic spots in Europe.Many other celebrities like Canadian singerApril Lavignevacation repeatedly in Lake Como.

Some celebrities prefer the continental and exotic flavor of Majorca. Actors Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta-Jones have a residence in the Island,but also like to travel to Menorca just to get away from home.

Some european celebs also visit The Canary Islands. Especially in Lanzarote with its very large Classic Music Festival which attracts personalities like including Jade Goody, Coleen McLoughlin, and Michelle and Andy Scot-Lee. Dancing on Ice’s Suzanne Shaw also frequently vacations in Gran Canaria. Lanzarote’s Club La Santa, a well known sports and leisure complex, is where you’re more likely to find sporting greats like Colin Jackson, Dwain Chambers, Jonathan Edwards and Jenson Button.


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Since this e-paper is not a tabloid,I hope celebrities will enjoy reading it and feel encouraged to share their charity,or philanthropy work with their fans. Celebrities,and other readers, will probably be pleasantly surprised that only the positive sides of them will be covered and reported about. Thanks for reading it.