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Celebs on Chile relief

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All columns by:Mauricio Jordan
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Top Hollywood celebs,have been questionably unconcerned to help Chile's survivors of the strong earthquake that hit the nation,according to Elliott Yamin,an American Idol finalist who survived the quake himself!

He pleads with celebs to help Chile as they promptly responded to Haiti's earthquake catastrophe.

According to recent sources,like thisBlogwhich mention the shocking absence and concern of most celebrities,and the Media.The disinterest in mentioning or participating in telethons to help the victims and survivors is deplorable and shameful. It only shows the shallowness of most celebrities,and only the minor involvement of some Latin celebs who have contributed a pitiful $100,000 in aid.

Many Hollywood celebs are still helping the Haiti relief funds,but so far,not a single one has volunteer to help Chile. What's going on? Maybe the