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Celebs on Chile Relief!

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As the days of the massive Chile earthquake aftermath unfold,many celebs prefer to continue to talk and participate on events to benefit Haiti,and none has done any thing for Chile.

Chrissie Brodigan,a reporter for the Huffington Post Blog writes: "Chile is one of the top topics trending on Twitter, but rapidly falling out of popularity, eclipsed by Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus's new boyfriend. A simple search of "Chile + Donation" reveals that the socially-driven donation nation is well underway. But, Twitter also reveals sentiments that it's tired with some users tweeting "we have to donate to Chile too?"

And the lack of celebrity involvement doesn't escape to The Christian Science Monitor reporters,who compare the contrasting amounts of contributions and donations on the two natural disasters. Let's hope humanitarian side of celebs doesn't become a source of polemic.
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Chile cartoon
Exclusive,Twitter celebs interviews soon!

Sports Celebrities News

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Some recent Sports Celebs news from Hartford's Examiner,tells us about the latest scandal for The Orlando,FL, Steelers MVP of the Superbowl, Santonio Holmes has been accused legally by his girl friend that he erupted in violence a local nightclub,and after heated words were exchanged, he threw a glass at her causing injuries. The victim,Anshonoe Mills claims the fight broke out at the "Rain" night club. Where they were having dinner.

Tiger Woods keep making healines with the latest controversial Tv Advertisement,according to The New York Post,where they use Tiger's deceased father's voice,asking him in a questing tone if he has learned anything from his recent experiences of extra-marital affairs. It's a black and white commercial with Tiger Woods staring at the camera and with tears building in his eyes. Very odd indeed. The commercial aired on ESPN and Golf Channel in the last few days.

Product Review

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the initial launch and early orbit sequence cannot be controlled,as is a preset video footage,but once in orbit,you can manipulate the Shuttle doors,the views and go inside the Shuttle to interact with the "flight crew",and prepare the Shuttle for re-entry and landing maneuvers. Space Shuttleis a very entertaining software package that will keep you interested and involved for many hours of intense sim playing.

D'Addario is one of the most popular guitar strings manufacturers in the music industry. I just had the opportunity to test their Series EXp110-115-120and 140 in my Fender Strat guitar and each set gives a different pro quality tone for different genres. I would recommend these strings to any guitarist at any level.

Ernie Ball is guitar string manufacturer and a favorite with many artists like John Fogerty,The Eagles and others.I just tested a submitted sample of their custom gauge nickel wound,and true to their fame, it made my standard Fender Strat sound like many of the pros. I will now have a tough time to choose between these two brands of strings as they have their unique high quality tone sound which boosts the guitar's potential for great guitar tone!.

Top Green Celebs

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Many of these environmentalist celebrities have been traveling around the globe advancing their respective causes. Cameron Diaz,uses her Tripping MTV Series to raise awareness,and constantly travels from places as Chile to Yellowstone Park to enforce measures to safeguard the environment.

Sir Richard Branson, who formerly didn't believe in the environment movement,has even pledged his billion dollars fortune from his airlines and railways profits,(estimated at $3 billion over 10 years)on investments on bio-fuel technologies to help the environment. Daryl Hannah has gone as far as been arrested for staging a 23-day tree sitting to preserve an urban community garden in Los Angeles,and has been tenaciously driving across America since 2005 in Bio-fuel powered car;and,her home is entirely solar powered.

Country singer Willie Nelsonis a co-partner in a new Biodiesel Company,which manufactures eco-friendly fuels for vehicles.Robert Redford,a winner of the 1993 Earth Day Award,the 2005 United Nations Global 500 award,and the founder of Sundance Preserve,has a dedicated slot on his Sundance TV program just for the environment.For a full list of other green celebs visitAll American Celebrity Speakers

Upcoming Movies..

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release of her movie for DVD:Nine Deadfor March 9, 2010. Melissa tells us that she appears and acts as she hasn't done before as a "sharp and level-headed assisting L.A. District Attorney,as a hostage in a quest to survive a masked killer" in this action-thriller that looks very exciting from the trailer's point-of view.

Editorial Opinion

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As I get more involved with this e-newspaper,I will strive to keep it as informative as well as interesting to read. Which will not be an easy task,as traditionally,internet surfers keep drifting away from new websites until they find something that will catch their attention.And the latter is where I'll try to keep fresh and appealing.

Mauricio Jordan
The Editor.


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Celebrity Favorite Getaways

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Sir Richard Branson-volunteers:"I love the feeling of landing in South Africa!""and,since it will be the center of action for the Soccer World Cup 2010,in June,You've bet I'll be there!";interestingly enough,he owns his own island(Necker Island)in the Caribbean,An still prefers South Africa.
Juliette Lewis-the actress/singer,confesses she prefers "the exotic beauty and variety of Istanbul(Turkey)she blurted:"I would rather be on the road with my band or traveling than out partying," Take that from a former "wild child",according to a travel article.And as we go to "press" many other celebs are packing to head on the road to joy and relaxation.


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Since this e-paper is not a tabloid,I hope celebrities will enjoy reading it and feel encouraged to share their charity,or philanthropy work with their fans. Celebrities,and other readers, will probably be pleasantly surprised that only the positive sides of them will be covered and reported about. Thanks for reading it.