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Celebs Helping Haiti Relief!

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Breaking News

Chris Martin,lead singer of the band Coldplay Environmental Leadership Award.And Ben Stiller has also joined the cause to raise funds for the Aid of Haiti Victims and Survivors.He tweeted late Tuesday that "people in Haiti need our help and attention right now."

As the days of the Aftermath unfold,and more assistance keeps pouring in, Bill and Hilary Clinton and George W. Bush have arrived there to lend their support and contribute with donations to the relief effort.And so have reporters like Katie Kouric,who will be reporting from the spot to everyone and through Tweeter and Facebook.

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Sports Celebrities News

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Roger Federer posted on his official website "The entry fee is a minimum donation of $10. This should be fun and it's for a great cause,"

And,"The devastating earthquake which hit Haiti on Tuesday measured 7.0 on the Richter Scale and has left tens of thousands of people dead. The United Nations has launched an appeal for hundreds of millions of dollars to try to help around three million people in need." he added,according to a recent CNNsports news article.

Other sports celebrities donating to The Haiti Cause are:Tiger Woods,who pledged $ 3 million dollars,and Russell Simmons.Also,many Miami Sports teams rally to volunteer their help to help the earthquake victims,according to this NBC News Special.

Celebrities and Awards

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Courtney Cox-won Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical for "Cougar Town".
Tina Feywon Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical for "30Rock"
Jeremy piven-won Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for "Entourage"
And William Hurt-won Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for "Damages"

for a more in depth list of winners check: Golden Globe awards-List of Winners!

Celebs "duke it out" for Green..

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Bill Nye decided to got head-to-head with actor Ed Begley Jr.,another environmentalist and hi-tech addict,and said "'I'm going to best Ed Begley at his own game. I'm going to get him, "He(Begley) ordered panels for the garage, then rain barrels, then he had his windows done and he put in a vegetable garden."and Bill added: " I will do better and more efficiently!",as he explained to a reporter in MSNBC

Nye went on downplaying Ed Begley's "obsolete solar panels" and old fashioned "water trapping for garden irrigation" and boasting his own new energy-efficient solar panels and top of the line water-redistribution system for his backyard.

Ed Begley Jr,on the other hand has been a busy bee planting his own garden,off-setting his wife's long 20 minutes showers,by collecting water through his distribution system to water the plants,plus installed Astro-turf on certain sections to save on water.And Begley adds: "this rivalry is just a friendly, humorous one-upmanship,but there are parts of the competition that are quite serious,and we sometimes get each other in our nerves!.

And Begley's last words:"He(Nye) has these great copper rain gutters that I covet." The riddle to solve is who will outdo the other?

Upcoming Movies..

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release of her movie for DVD:Nine Deadfor March 9, 2010. Melissa tells us that she appears and acts as she hasn't done before as a "sharp and level-headed assisting L.A. District Attorney,as a hostage in a quest to survive a masked killer" in this action-thriller that looks very exciting from the trailer's point-of view.

For more new DVDs,check these Upcoming DVD trailers:

Editorial Opinion

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As I get more involved with this e-newspaper,I will strive to keep it as informative as well as interesting to read. Which will not be an easy task,as traditionally,internet surfers keep drifting away from new websites until they find something that will catch their attention.And the latter is where I'll try to keep fresh and appealing.

Mauricio Jordan
The Editor.


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And here are some of the first e-mails(or tweets from Twitter):
"..congrats and good luck on the launching of your e-paper.." by:@zipotedude-sent via Twitter,Aug,29
"I read the pre-launch preview,and it looks entertaining..kudos" by: @OilTycoon2(Twitter)sent via: email,Aug.30.
"felicidades , el mejor de los xitos!-by@crystalcancun-via Twitter,Sept.1.
"Dear Mauricio, Congratulations on launching your newspaper. I wish you the best of luck with your new Web site! All the best, Tom -- Thomas Kaplan Editor in Chief Yale Daily News"-via e-mail,Sept.2.
"Good luck with the e-newspaper!"Dan Myers-via email,Sept.3.-

Celebrity Favorite Getaways

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Sir Richard Branson-volunteers:"I love the feeling of landing in South Africa!""and,since it will be the center of action for the Soccer World Cup 2010,in June,You've bet I'll be there!";interestingly enough,he owns his own island(Necker Island)in the Caribbean,An still prefers South Africa.
Juliette Lewis-the actress/singer,confesses she prefers "the exotic beauty and variety of Istanbul(Turkey)she blurted:"I would rather be on the road with my band or traveling than out partying," Take that from a former "wild child",according to a travel article.And as we go to "press" many other celebs are packing to head on the road to joy and relaxation.


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Since this e-paper is not a tabloid,I hope celebrities will enjoy reading it and feel encouraged to share their charity,or philanthropy work with their fans. Celebrities,and other readers, will probably be pleasantly surprised that only the positive sides of them will be covered and reported about. Thanks for reading it.