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Celebrities at Times Square!

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Many celebrities will entertain millions of revelers gathering tomorrow night at the world's most famous New Year's eve party on Times Square,NYC.This time,Ryan Seacrestwill host this extravaganza from the heart of NYC,and the world!

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Sports Celebrities News


50hotgirls.jpgWhen it comes to professional sports,men might have the edge over earnings,but women out scored the guys by enjoying and sharing more beautiful attributes. According to Pop Crunch these are the top 50 hottest women in sports:
50.-Daniela Hantuchova
49.-Jennie Finch
48.-Flavia Delaroli
47.-Sabrina Ferilli
46.-Christine Arron
45.-Natalie Gulbis
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Celebrities and Business


Many celebrities have had formal academics in Business, where they still work from,or worked before becoming actors or actresses.At the top of the list is Ivanka Trump,daughter of financial mogul Donald Trump.She attended Georgetown University,and then Wharton Business School,at the University of Pennsylvania(where her father graduated from)for her Bachelor's degree in economics.

Mega Movie star Kevin Costnergot his business training at California State university,Fullerton,where he graduated with a B.A. in business administration,in 1978,and started working as a Marketing executive. He got married,but after 30 days quit his job,when the acting bug grabbed him.And the rest is history.

Clint Eastwoodstarted business school at the Los Angeles College,but after high School,he worked several odd jobs,and did a stint in politics as the Mayor of Carmel,while pursuing his acting and directing career.more »

Celebrities and the Environment


Al Gore

Unknown,maybe to the public,many celebrities are very much involved in advocating for the preservation of the environment.At the forefront is Al Gore With a DVD production of hisAn Inconvenient Truth,and his "Repower America Project"more »

Celebrities and Gambling


While celebrities worked to entertain the public,when it's time to seek their own entertainment,they drive or fly to exotic destinations,or to a nearby Casino to gamble. And,since Las Vegas is one of their most favorite spots,they head to "Sin City" in droves,according to an article by MSNBC.

And Las Vegas Casinos make it an art to accommodate celebrities. "When celebrities are deciding where they want to go gambling, they usually stick to places which are upscale and where there are other things to do besides gamble," says Frank Fahernkopf, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. So,it's no wonder that stars like Matt Damon,Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore,and sports figures like A-Rod prefer the animosity of the Bellagio Casino.

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Although slightly delayed to be published,with this third issue of this e-newspaper,I'm posting fresh and hopefully interesting short articles for your reading enjoyment. I am hoping to bring you more diverse and entertaining news and mention to fascinating articles from the internet vast resources of news.more »


More e-mails will be posted here,as I keep receiving them,both from celebrities,and their fans,and or regular readers. more »
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Celebrity Travel

Until recently,London,Turkey,and Dubai have been most American celebrities favorite destinations to travel,or vacation.Dubai recently had an $80 billion deficit,then most celebs switched destinations. Meet Morocco,the newest preferred celebs paradise,according to a recent articleLatest sightings in Marrakesh: Jennifer Aniston,The Beckhams,Jolie-Pitts,Salma Hayek,Gwyneth Paltrowmore »


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