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Celebs Go Eco-Friendly

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As celebrities get more involved with the issues of the environment,their entrepreneurial side rides along.Sam Neill,the star of the movie Jurassic Park, is growing his own perfect grapes and Eco-friendly wine from his own vineyard.

With his own brand named Two paddocks,He has managed two wineries in Central Otago,New Zealand. He swears his wineries are certified organic,with no pesticides involved at all.

"We are dedicated to producing sustainable, ecologically sound wine," He remarks.

Talk show hostEllen DeGenereshas found time from her busy show business to produce her Halo brand green and natural pet food.And she even seriously told a Parade Magazine interviewer "It's all natural. And yes, you can eat it."but She emphasized "I have not tasted it myself,I have food tasters who do it"

Other echo-friendly shining stars like Mariel Hemingway and Ed Begley Jr. last year presented their own natural products at an LA Convention Center GreenExpo Show.Mariel even "tweets" everyday about her love for green, in her @marielHemingway Twitter page.

And,there's a 2011 list of the top 10 green celebritieswhich lists the names and rank of the most green celebs.
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Sports Celebrities News 2011



Charles "Bubba" Smith,aged 66,and NFL former Star and actor("Police Academy" films)was found dead in his LA home.

The pending official announcement of his death is believed to be by natural causes,according to the Coroner's office.Police Officer Gregory Baek,from the LA police Department briefed the media that Bubba's body was discovered inside his home in the suburbs of LA on Wednesday,and that there was no suspicion of foul play,pending the final saying of the coroner.

Bubb Smith,who retired from professional football in 1976,played for Michigan State university,helped The Baltimore Colts in 1967,helping his team win the year 1971 Super Bowl.

Our condolences and sympathies go to his family,He will be missed by Football fans.
In other,breaking news,Alex Rodriguez denies his involvement in illegal poker games,more »

Product Reviews


Iclone 5 Standard and Pro
Review by: Mauricio Jordan

Iclone 5 Standard and Pro is the current release update version(September 2011) of the impressive Iclone 4 Pro,movie making-machineThis new release,and specifically the Iclone 5 Pro version(only) allows the user to use an addon plug-in for Mocap($199 extra)real-time 3D animation motions. Now the Iclone 5 Pro user can afford to to do his/her own in-house motion captures at home,and see them instantly on their computer monitors, a real first on in-home motion capture for animation.

This MoCap plug-in device is compatible with the popular Microsoft Xbox360 Kinect animation device and is a must buy for those who can't afford a professional MoCap system for film animation projects.Iclone5 Standard and Pro (and make sure you get the latest upgrade patch)come with a chock-full of new features:a robust Physics engine,sophisticated avatar and prop animation controls,realistic facial animations and lip-sync for natural looking speech.more »

Cats Hurt Environment



A shocking recent study on a national level found that America's,and perhaps the world's second choice for pet ownership, the house cat is a cause for alarm to environmentalists. According to a recent article in Mother Jones the felines,and most notoriously the feral type of them,can actually cause damage to other species of animals and birds on the way to extinction.

The article cited a recent studyby The Smithsonian Institution found that the domestic cat is the likely culprit for the disappearance of many mice,birds,and even fish from their natural habitat.

In my own personal observation of cats,which I don't own as I prefer dogs,but I watch carefully in my backyard as feral,or neighbor's cats even climb trees to pounce on all kind of wildlife,including the scurry squirrels. I keep finding carcasses of decapitated mice,and birds,but only the heads and tails of squirrels! And,even garden snakes become part of the exotic menu for those cats.

So far,only a couple of times I witnessed a feral type chasing a crow,after hearing a lot of noise and commotion on the top of a tree. That time the winner was the bird as the feline fell,or was pushed by the furious black wings and beak,and the cat ferociously hissed and paw at the base of the tree after it recovered from the fall.

I am almost sure this article might cause most cat owners to raise protests and counter-claims in favor of their beloved pets. But, we all know that cats act weird at times and hide or disappear for days from their owners,and indulge in their innate wild instincts as their bigger wild cousins.

But read on,another scientific study by Wired Science discovered that birds,and some lizards are essential to the environment because

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Upcoming movies:2012


It looks like Super Hero remakes of comic books for the big screen,and Apocalyptic visions will continue to awe movie goers next year 2012,based on the record breaking box office earnings for 2011 movie premieres. These are some of the hottest upcoming movies/DVDs Teaser trailers for 2012:
1.-One for the Money
2.-The Avengers
3.-The Dark Knight Rises
4.-THe Amazing Spider-Man
5.-GhostRider:The Spirit of Vengeance
7.-The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey
8.-IceAge:Continental Drift
9.-Iron Sky
10.-The Woman in Black

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