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Mauricio Jordan starts his First web only paper

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Mauricio JordanFirst Issue Launch:August 31, 2009
By:Mauricio Jordan
I am starting,a web-only based e-newspaper. Since,my main concern is to save the forest trees from becoming extinct,I decided to go completely green. If this first attempt is a success,I plan to develop it as a real web-based newspaper,and hopefully,and initially, to be free for all.The main idea is to keep it simple,readable,and more often than not,a one page newspaper!
Based on the current wastefulness factor, of the regular newspapers, I hope to make it easy to read,save,e-mail,share,and print(hopefully not too often!) like any other web document.
My wife,Maria Teresa,gave me the inspiration to go green,from her constant nagging about keeping recyclables in the recycle bin.And,since I have a mania for keeping things in order,I obliged. I give proper credit for this newspaper theme web page design to a talented programmer,Dan Myers,at Maddesigns,a website designing start-up.Thanks Dan,you're the best!more »
More Environmental resources:Al Gore Website
Leonardo DiCaprio

Latin Bombshell Shakira Having Fun in The Bahamas


Shakira Colombian super-star Shakira, contributed this photo of her Bahamas stay,at her home away from home. She was excited, and mentioned in some online magazines about how she's "enjoying a mix of vacation and work",in the home that she,and Roger Waters(Pink Floyd)co-own and share.She's currently working in her secluded home music studio recording some of her new songs for her upcoming CD,"La Loba"(she-wolf.)more »

Artists Prefer Walmart!


Ever since some artists, like the Eagles,started marketing their CDs through such mass retailers as Walmart,this trend has become a must do for most artists to maximize sales and profits. Walmart'sChuck Fehlig, chief merchandising officer, said: "Artists could reach a greater number of customers,and more potential for profits when ,and if they pass our merchandising policy". "Many musicians today record songs with reference to advocating violence,racial slurs,and or insinuating promiscuous sex,and they will not pass our marketing with Walmart conditions",he explained. more »

Celebrities contributing to Environmental causes


I have always been fascinated at how celebrities,in spite of their busy work schedules,find the time to join and actively participate in humanitarian and environmental related causes. Top celebrities and charities, many of them like Pierce Brosnan,leading the group,have many environmental causes for which they are sponsoring,or contributing substantial amounts of money. I personally give kudos to all these exemplary celebrities,as the world in which we live,would be an unbearable place to live for the less fortunate,who often become the most likely victims of the environmental neglect we cause as a by-product of our modern consumerist global society. more »

Bob Dylan will release new Christmas album!


Living folk music legend Bob Dylan has just announced that he's putting the final touches on his newest and yet to be released Christmas album: "Christmas In The Heart" later this year,on October 14.

According to a new post by CBS News/entertainment,a portion of the proceeds from the album sales will go to charity,as a Columbia Records statement declared. Dylan ,says"tragedy" that people go to bed hungry, and he hopes he can bring "food security" to people in need.. ".And Bob keeps playing hard and strong after all these years. more »

Editorial Opinion

With this first issue,officially launched today:Monday,August 31,2009,and as an editor,writer and photographer of this celebrity online newspaper,I am subjecting myself to a difficult but manageable task of joining the myriad online publishers on the internet. By going to "Press",I am bringing another free source of available breaking news to celebrities,their fans,and the general global public.

The fast paced technological changes that affect online journalism,gives enthusiastic journalists, like myself, the option to choose a manageable path,or a complex one to try to bring readers fresh breaking news to their computer screens.While it is a daunting challenge for me to keep the proper control of all necessary requirements to post a simple,but professional looking e-paper,and as a jack of all trades,I think it is also an exciting and artistically fulfilling enterprise.

And, if by been a free news outlet,and widely accessible to anyone with a computer,cell phone,or any other current(or to be invented)hi-tech device,I should feel satisfied about my humble contribution of celebrity news to the world.

more »

Letters(e-mails)to the Editor:

Excerpts from e-mails,which will replace the equivalent of letters,will be posted on a "first come first posted" basis in this section of this online newspaper.But,only the e-mails that meet editorial criteria,will be edited for inclusion. Any other e-mails that are deemed to be offensive,threatening,and/or simply disrespectful,or incendiary, will be automatically omitted by the nature of their context.There will be no exceptions to this clause.
Any comments,and/or advise,should be submitted to: or to,whichever is convenient.All submissions will be subject to editorial consideration,to be edited and approved before posting.
-The Editor-

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Celebrity Travel

Rare is the celebrity who will be enjoying the "luxury" of spending quality time in their base homes.

Due to the professional requirements of their chosen professions,they are constantly on the move. Their routine traveling schedule,is a slight(or heavy to some) burden,but essential to their busy "jet set" life styles.

In the case of most popular musicians,"living on the bus" is the norm. And for actors,and actresses,correct me if I'm wrong,is "dwelling on the set".

As reported on a popular online celebrity magazine,Actor Mickey Rourkewas spotted in the Balkans.So,dear reader,if as tourist yourself have the sudden sighting of another tourist who resembles any actor,or celebrity,it might just be "the real McCoy"more »
Kids can be introduced to learning about the environmenthere

Public Information

This online newspaper is as simple as it can be I hope you enjoy it!
It is a very simple design and should be relatively easy to maintain,and keep up as an extra task to my multitasking work habits.I look forward to try to bring the same appealing information on this "reader-friendly" online celebrity news source to everybody.I hope it becomes easily accessible to celebrities,the general public worldwide,online news distributors,etc.

At the present moment,I have no definite plans to modify or change this simple,but informative,"original format" design,in the near future.And,if the web designer comes up with an updated version,I will ask the readers to post their opinions.

Please note that in order to keep the "subscription",or access(whatever you prefer to call it)completely "free",I had to choose this hosting option. Time will tell if I need to go the commercial,or paid subscription route. But,until that day comes,all of you can enjoy it as free as it is now. Thanks for reading it.

Update: The Next issue to be published in a few days,keep checking..!

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