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Warming Planet
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Is the Environment changing Drastically
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Warming Planet

There are many scientists and citizens of many countries in the world,who claim The Earth is reaching the "red flag" level of alarm due to the many climate changes which are blamed for the most of the destructive weather patterns affecting the globe.

Fierce hurricanes,cyclones,tornadoes,eartquakes,and volcano eruptions,etc are wreaking havoc in many nations. Some scientists say is a normal cycle of the earth,other experts say is the cause of the human footprint and the rapid industrialization on a massive scale all around the developed and developing countries.

For example,The United States,and China are blamed for about 80% of the industrail emissions from the carbon,and oil powered, and fueled industrial plants that these giant nations need to keep their vast economies running efficiently.

Some scientists blamed the erosion of the Ozone layer,which keeps the Earth's atmosphere from  absorbing the lethal direct radiation from the sun,on human footprint,which would otherwise cause the devastation of life-giving elements like water,and oxygen.

While historically,the earth has gone through natural drastic climate changes in its evolution, we can't hardly argue that the large scale  industrialization, created by humans and its effects of carbon-dioxide fumes by automobiles,commercial aircraft,and seaworhty ships,are not affecting the Ozone layer in any significant way.

Most of these arguments about the warming of the planet will never cease to exist,and wether the human footprint will be to blame for the atmospheric phenomenons humanity is currently experiencing,with the destruction of habitable areas and sea shores,and the rising death toll caused by the latest mega-storms.

Only time will tell,and after exhaustive scientific data gathering and computer models of the most recent violent weather related catastrophies,will we able to arrive at a more conclusive answer to this pressing question.But,as we all know, time might be running out,as more and new "monster-storms" are being born and menacing our existence on this planet Earth.  



Posted by mjordy5356 at 2:37 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 1 October 2015 9:28 AM EDT
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